New blog!

Dear readers,

Over the last few months since I began blogging, I’ve learned more about the genre itself… not just from the Social Media Genres class I took in the fall term, but from my experiences with personal and academic blogging.

I started my first blog with the intention of talking about the Master’s program in which I am enrolled, and I will continue to do so on that blog. (Keep checking that one over the summer if you have any interest in Digital Game Theory!) Since then, I’ve found that there are two very different audience to whom I write. Those interested in the various things I study and then reflect upon, and those who just want to keep in touch and hear more about personal interests.

This new blog will focus on the latter audience and discuss one of my favourite hobbies: cooking. However, I will make posts about other random things I come across. I hope that having two blogs will help me accommodate your reading needs and help me to work on my free-writing skills more frequently.



As a side note – this blog name is inspired by my brother, who is finishing up a culinary program this summer.

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