Kitchen tips: Boiling pasta

Pasta is a staple in a student’s diet. This stereotype rings true in my kitchen (especially when I’m on a school term). It cheap, easy to make, and can be tossed with just about any scraps in the fridge that need to be used up.After quite a few years of boiling my pasta in salted water with a little bit of oil to keep it from boiling over… I find out I’m doing it wrong! While adding the oil is a convenient and easy way to keep the pot from boiling over, turns out it has negative effects on the end product. My aunt tells me (and I believe her because she’s got much more experience cooking than I do) that the oil prevents sauce from sticking to your pasta.

So what can we do to keep the pot from boiling over without adding oil to the water? Try turning the burner temperature down to medium when the water first comes to a boil and take the time to check on your pasta every few minutes to make sure it is not in danger of boiling over.

Do you have any other tips for cooking pasta?

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