I love shopping at the market this time of year. I try to get there early and avoid the crowd of shoppers. When I can’t make it in the early morning, I like to shop later in the day when the farmers are about ready to go home and will give you a good deal on vegetables.

While I frequent the market for my grocery shopping, I’m often amazed at some of the produce available to me. Like this GIANT eggplant.

Not only is one eggplant large enough to feed me for days, they’re reasonably priced. Hope it tastes as wonderful as it looks!

Conveniently, The Kitchen recently posted the article In Season Now: 10 Ideas for Eggplant. I think I’ll try out at least one of these to cook my eggplant. The braised eggplant with tomatoes looks fantastic… I’ll have to find a way to adapt the recipe to accommodate a larger eggplant than called for (which shouldn’t be too difficult, the author themselves describes the recipe as “highly adaptable”).

What else do you recommend I cook using eggplant? What’s your favourite way to prepare it?

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  1. Eggplant stuffed with tomatoes « The Cook's Sister

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