Raw Cooking Workshop

Yesterday, I redeemed a Groupon for a raw cooking workshop with Chef Renee Shaidle at Marbles restaurant. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the food we would be preparing and the organization of the workshop.

Surprisingly, much of the workshop focused on nutritional education and learning terminology for raw cooking. Renee brought a wide variety of organic and raw foods, allowed us to taste a few (kelp, unsweetened chocolate, and bee pollen to name a few), and explained the nutritional benefits of the products, many of which were super foods. Despite feeling that we didn’t have much time for hands-on preparation of the food, the workshop was very educational and I came away feeling like I could make more informed food choices moving forward.

We experienced two raw dishes: a zucchini pasta, and a chocolate truffle. Renee said I can share her recipes here. Watch for them later this week!

If you’re interested in Renee’s raw food cooking class, see her website: http://beliveonline.com/events/

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