Market to market…

I like to do most of my grocery shopping at the local farmer’s market. Sometimes, this can be a difficult task because it’s only open a few hours, three days per week during the summer months and even less during the winter. Honestly, usually I’d rather not be doing my grocery shopping at 7am, but this happens quite frequently so I can avoid the later crowd. Then, a friend introduced me to Herrle’s



Many vendors to choose from, able to do price comparison One vendor, one price
Most vendors take cash only Multiple forms of payment
Open year-round Open during harvest season
Open 2-3 days per week, shorter hours Open 7 days per week, extended hours
Very large area, indoor and outdoor, takes longer to find what you’d like to purchase One store, makes for a quick shopping trip
Closer to home A bit further from home

All in all, I don’t have a preference between the two. Both sell local, fresh produce at a fair price and that’s the main thing that I’m looking for. I buy my groceries wherever is most convenient at that time. Things I consider before heading out include: How much am I buying? How much time do I have to shop? Do I want any items that are exclusive to one or the other? Etc.

It is wonderful to have a choice! It’s nice to know that if I sleep in later than 6:30 on a Saturday morning, there is still an opportunity to buy those good-for-you foods. Thanks J for introducing me to a great place to buy food.

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