Thanksgiving in December

The first weekend of December has come and gone. While many have begun celebrating the Christmas season, we spent our weekend with good friends and good food, celebrating Thanksgiving (funny enough, we were at a Christmas party last weekend).

Since starting our “tradition” last year of celebrating the US Thanksgiving with friends, I appreciated much more how much work is involved in entertaining, from tidying the home to preparing the actual meal. From what I can remember, last year’s dinner went well. This year, on the other hand, we were in for a few surprises. Just when we thought everything was on track, the vacuum belt broke and the carpet was only about half cleaned, which you can’t hide when you own a longhaired cat. We ended up having to push dinner half an hour later than expected. This meant that I then needed to reconsider the timing of the dishes I was preparing so things would be hot but not over done.
I decided to have a theme of sorts for this dinner. Everything (except the dessert) needed to use either (or both) lemon and rosemary.

I was still putting the finishing touches on dinner when our guests arrived. Not ideal, but it worked out.

As happened last year, I planned a meal I thought would feed four people with some leftover turkey and ended up with a meal that would have fed 10 people. We’ll be having creative leftovers this week. I’m thinking turkey and gravy sandwiches at least once and maybe a stew or pot pie.

If I described everything that I prepared for this meal in just one blog post it would be more like an essay, so I’m going to devote the next few posts to this meal.

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