Meet Loki

Who is that cat that is always staring hungrily at my food?


  • Favourite foods: tuna, garlic sauce,  green apples
  • Least favourite foods: lemon, lime, sauerkraut

When I met Loki, she needed me just as much as I needed her in my life. She found me in the winter a few years ago, she was the neighbourhood stray. I had recently moved to a different student-house and missed having a pet, so it was not difficult for her to persuade me to let her stay.

When Loki first wandered into our home, she was a skinny and scruffy looking cat. To my surprise, she came right up to my roommate and me, allowed us to pet her and happily ate the half a can of tuna we offered. We played with her for a bit, put the cat outside, and closed the door. She meowed pitifully! At that moment, I knew she was here to stay.

A few weeks later, Loki (named for her curiosity and habit of getting into mischief) was a looking much healthier. We soon found out there were kittens on the way (five tiny kittens to be exact). What an experience! Not only did I have to learn how to care for a cat, but I also got a crash course in raising kittens.

The kittens have since grown and found good homes. Loki is now a happy, healthy, and well-loved cat.

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  1. She is SO sweet and that was really nice of you to give her such a warm, loving home! I LOVE the first picture – she looks somewhat startled!

  2. Loki was so lucky to find you!!! Such a beautiful face! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Love to hear stories about pets picking their owners. i have a pound puppy and she definitely picked me that fateful day 9 years ago. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Maggie! Glad to hear things worked out wonderfully for you and your pup as well! 🙂


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