Raw Desserts Workshop

Janne from Livessence and I recently attended a Raw Desserts workshop, again with RAW food chef Renee Shaidle from BeLiveOnline.com. As I mentioned in an earlier post about Raw Apple Cobbler, I’m really enjoying raw desserts and therefore very excited for the opportunity to attend this course.

Much of the information about a raw diet was similar to what we learned in October. However, I did learn something new. Most agave nectar isn’t raw. The nectar is heated. Truly raw agave nectar is hard to come by and you need to do your research before buying if you are dedicated to a raw diet. Substitutes for agave nectar include honey and maple syrup, yum!


Over the next few blog posts, I will share the recipes for the three desserts we prepared with Renee.

  • Banana Coconut Cream Cake
  • Apple Pie in cupcake tins
  • Chocolate Power Balls

Unfortunately, in the rush to get to the class I forgot my camera at home. I was not able to take any pictures during the course. So, I’m trying to find time to prepare each dish at home so I can provide pictures with the recipe.

Thanks Janne for informing me about and joining me at the workshop!

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  1. Thanks for making time to drop by my blog post on Gyudon recipe a few weeks ago. was swarm with too many things to visit your blog.
    I can’t wait to read about the 3 raw dessert recipes.. all of them sound so delicious!

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