Five Favourites for Friday

Coconut Chicken Curry Soup from Good Life Eats

I love having leftover soup in the fridge. It’s a comforting food to enjoy during the winter and a quick meal to pack for lunch. I might also be a little soup crazy due to the influence of my friend Nette at This Dusty House who recently blogged about lentil soup. Yum!

Hot & Sour Soup from The Kitchn

This recipe is very similar to the one that my former roommate shared with me She would also use dried wood ear mushrooms and enoki mushrooms in her recipe and is one of the first people to get me to eat mushroom! She made the best hot and sour soup I’ve ever tasted. When I make it myself, it never seems quite as tasty.

Beef Bourguignon with Roasted Potatoes from Eat, Live, Run

This same roommate also introduced me to beef bourguignon. I’ve made this dish quite a few times on my own now. B eats this without any complaint of not being fond of soups and stews. 🙂

Cajun Turkey Pot Pie from Simply Recipes

I think I had the misconception that pot pies were difficult to prepare and were out of the question for weeknights. I’ve found out recently that this is not the case. I “cheated” a bit and bought premade crust and the pot pie was ready in less than an hour. I’m looking to experiment with making more pot pies.

Thyme Honey-Glazed Carrots with Whole Grain Mustard and Lemon from My Little Expat Kitchen

Beets with a honey glaze were fantastic. Carrots will likely be just as tasty. This is on my list of must-try recipes.

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