Guest Post on This Dusty House: Chicken, lentil and tomato soup

Today, my first guest post was published on This Dusty House. Nette has been writing about soups on Wednesdays and asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post for her and her husband’s blog.

Nette and I met in the first class of the day on our first day of university (8:30am wasn’t my favourite time of day, I had a fairly long commute) in an Introduction to Literature course. We took quite a few courses together (we had similar interests and course requirements), but it wasn’t until our first summer term of campus that we became good friends. It started out just chatting in class. Then we started chatting outside after class. We began getting together at her apartment for study sessions (she was a great help)!

Of course, I was flattered by her invitation to post on her blog. I had a few hesitations as to whether I was ready to write a guest post. I’m still just finding my own voice. Then again, I can’t learn and experience the world of food blogging without taking those steps to be involved in the blogging community.

Thanks for being an amazing friend (and blog advisor) Nette!

Check out my post on This Dusty House featuring a chicken, lentil and tomato soup that I prepared recently.

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