Five Favourites for Friday

I think I’ve mentioned before that I study English. I like books. A lot. I find it hard to get rid of books I don’t use that could benefit someone else (but eventually they find their way to the local thrift store, farewell accounting textbooks!). For all occasions, I ask my family for a gift certificate to a local book store. I see nothing wrong with my huge book collection.

I find it difficult to go to the local book store, or the thrift store for that matter, without wanting to come home with at least 10 books. Then comes the bartering process. Can I afford all of these books? How much can I actually afford? Do I need these books? Do I already own similar books? Will I read this book? Will this book be useful?

Most of the time, I will convince myself to put all but one of the books back. On the rare occasion, I will put all the books back.

Today’s post is dedicated to my five favourite cookbooks on my bookshelf (in no particular order).

What are your favourite cookbooks? Which ones do you recommend as cookbooks you cannot live without? 

New Mexico Cookbook

I purchased this book in New Mexico. I can’t remember if it was my first trip or most recent. I love the recipes, but wish it had a few more pictures.

The Best Ever French Cooking Course

Found this one at a thrift shop. Can’t resist the French Onion Soup recipe in this book.

Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal

We enjoy eating offal. It’s very affordable and (surprisingly to some) tasty. I usually buy discounted cookbooks, but had to have this one when it first hit the shelves.

Vietnamese Food and Cooking

A Christmas gift from friends a few years ago. I use the book often. So many beautiful pictures of delicious food!

Cooking School: Indian

Another gift from a different friend. We used to always eat out when we wanted curry. This book helped me make delicious curry at home. I highly recommend the butter chicken recipe.

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  1. I actually don’t have a big enough collection of cookbooks to choose my favourite 5! These all sound like great ones though! 🙂

    • With so many great recipes available for free on the Internet, I can see how one wouldn’t require a collection of cookbooks.

  2. Definitely, Cooking from Quilt Country by Marcia Adams. It is a beautiful book with the best comfort foods handed down by Amish women in Indiana. The oven fried chicken and oatmeal cake are a lazy Sunday afternoon must!


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