Day 3: Kitchen

I realize the Foodie Photo-a-Day challenge only asks for one photo each day. However, because of the setup of my kitchen, it’s quite difficult to take just one photo to capture everything.

A rare glimpse of my tiny, apartment-sized kitchen.

See the whole kitchen in the reflection of the mirror.

The one wall of my kitchen is decorated with mirror pieces. I’m still not sure if I like it. It’s pretty, but being so close to the sink, I constantly have to wipe the mirrors to remove water spots.

Pots, pans, and wok are kept in the bottom cupboard. Spices and oils in the top cupboard.

You can’t read them very well in this picture, but my magnet collection is cat-related words, such as “trick,” “friend,” “feline,” “kitty,” “mice,” “sleep,” and “pounce.” When friends stop by, they will often rearrange the magnets. One of the phrases currently on the fridge is “you are a kitty,” referring to the Cat Proximity comic from XKCD.

Baking pans/dishes, cleaning products, and gadgets in the bottom cupboards. Cutlery, cooking utensils, and plastic wrap/aluminum foil/sandwich bags in the drawers. Plates, cups, mugs, storage containers in the top cupboards.

My counters are cluttered with gadgets. This isn’t ideal, but it’s what works for now. I used to store my blender and food processor in the lower cupboards. But, after an unfortunate accident in which my food processor was smashed into hundreds of pieces I decided is might be safer to store it on the counter-top.

You might also notice that the lower cupboards are tied closed with ribbon. This is to keep a certain cat from hanging out in the cupboards. She’s too lazy to attempt getting into the higher-up cupboards.

Which kitchen gadgets do you keep out and which ones are stored? Have you needed to make accommodations in your kitchen to keep pets out of things?

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  1. I would love to keep nothing on our kitchen counters. However… there is a pot of utensils (ladles, wooden spoons, whisks, etc.), oil (since I use it almost every meal I cook), and our compost bin (because it’s pretty, though less so since I dropped it and cracked the lid in two). Also, there’s a bowl of kitty food. That’s our pet compromise: since Pekoe’s food gets munched by someone who isn’t Pekoe when it’s on the floor, he gets counter privileges.

    Lucky kitty.

    • I wonder how, when the day comes that a dog will join our home, we will deal with reserving cats food for the cat. Neither of us like the idea of the cat being allowed on the counter or the kitchen table.


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