365 Days of Dining

This week, I came across an interesting opportunity for food bloggers. It’s called 365 Days of Dining.

A quick summary, the city of Richmond in British Columbia (Canada) is seeking a food blogger. Their job/adventure is to eat at local restaurants at least once per day for an entire year! Judging by their Facebook page, the competition is fierce.

Check out the job application website at http://365daysofdining.com

Will you apply for this position? Best of luck to all of the applicants!

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  1. I applied, but it looks like there will be A LOT of applicants! 🙂 Such a fun opportunity.

    • It does indeed look like there are a lot of applicants. I’ve never been to Richmond, but it sounds like it should be on my list of places to visit. I hear there’s a wide variety of Asian-inspired cuisine. Yum!!

  2. Does it have to be 365 different restaurants or can you have some repeats? Sounds like a great idea for a city but, to be honest, I think opening it up to more than one blogger would allow for a little more perspective.

    If it were in TO, I could see myself applying, but in practice I don’t know if I’d want to do it… Most restaurants aren’t thinking about health when they make their menu and I’m not so good at the eating-until-I’m-satisfied-but-not-stuffed thing.

    • That’s a great question. My guess would be 365 different restaurants… but maybe you could make repeat visits to your favourite approaching the end of the year?

      I agree it would be difficult to participate and to make healthy eating choices. I think that’s why the employer is also offering a year-long gym membership.


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