How to: De-seed Hot Peppers

One of the many useful tricks I learned from the classes at Relish Cooking Studio is how to easily de-seed a hot pepper.

The most spicy part of a hot pepper is its seeds. The most flavourful part is the flesh. I prefer not eating the seeds.

I’m sure I’m starting to sounds like a broken record at this point, but avoid handling hot peppers with your bare hands! The juices can burn you if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly enough after handling hot peppers. Akeela from Relish Cooking Studio suggested wearing gloves while handling hot peppers. And I intend to keep a pair of gloves in my kitchen specifically for this task.

So, if you’re like me and would prefer to remove the seeds before chopping hot peppers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Put on a pair of disposable, waterproof gloves.
  2. Set the pepper on a solid, flat surface (the kitchen counter or a cutting board works well).
  3. Firmly press the pepper and roll it (careful not to crack the pepper).
  4. Check if the seeds have been loosened.
    1. Shake the pepper to check if the seeds have been loosened (you will be able to hear them rattling inside the pepper).
    2. Feel the pepper for pliability, you should be able to easily squish the pepper (again, don’t crack it) and feel the seeds in the bottom of the pepper.
  5. Cut off the stem and a bit of the top of the pepper.
  6. Shake the pepper upside-down so that the seeds fall out.
  7. Discard the seeds and the stem.
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