Five Favourites for Friday

I’m very excited to be at a conference this week. My classmate and I are giving a talk about a project we collaborated on last year. I won’t go into much detail, but the idea was that we create an “object to think with.” So, we set out to build a MAME cabinet that embodies the theories we were studying. If you’re interested in reading about the project, we kept a very detailed blog:

Based on the recipes I’ve posted this week, can you guess where I am for the conference?

Chicken and Waffles from Rock Recipes

Pulled pork (p. 500), Southern barbecue dry rub (p. 587), Western North Carolina barbecue sauce (p. 587), and Ray’s mustard barbecue sauce (p. 586) from The Joy of the Joy of Cooking

Biscuits and Gravy from The Pioneer Woman

Banana Maple Grits from Andrea Meyers

My Cousin Vinny’s Cheesy Breakfast Grits from Play with Food

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