Five Favourites for Friday

It’s almost the weekend! I’m especially excited for a few reasons…

It’s a long weekend!

It’s Canada Day weekend, so there will be fireworks!

I’ll be attending a family reunion! There will be lots of food, fun, and of course, family! I’m hoping to participate in a few of the traditions. There will be a baseball game (I have a foot injury, here’s hoping that it will be healed enough that I feel comfortable running!). Hollow tournament (our favourite card game), Nana and I always play as a team. And of course, there will be way too much food!

I need to dream up a potluck dish to share on Sunday. Something yummy, yet can be affordable when preparing a dish for 10-15 people. What is your favourite (festive) item to bring to a potluck?

Family, if you’re reading this, feel free to make suggestions (or vote for  your favourite option)!

Nanaimo Bars from Dinner with Julie

An amusing side note: Bryan used to call these “Eskimo Bars” when I first met him. He hadn’t had a nanaimo bar before moving to Canada. I would frequently grab one for him after work. I’d like to make these at home at some point!

Raw Brownie from My Life in Food

I would likely have to double or triple this recipe. While I love raw desserts, I’m not sure how others would react. Would they eat it? Would I be taking it home? Definitely couldn’t finish that much chocolate on my own!

Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies from Mmm home cooking

Bryan frequently asks me to make cookies. I usually say not. They never turn out quite right. And when they do, there’s too many because I only want to eat one.

Zucchini Bread from My Canadian Cook

I just love zucchini bread. Nana used to make it for me when I came to visit.

10-Layer Greek Dip from The Smart Kitchen Blog

A dip is one of those go-to items for a potluck. This one looks very interesting and creative!

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  1. Hey thanks, lady! The Eskimo bars look delish!

    • You’re welcome! So far, it’s two votes for your raw brownies, one for cookies. Even if I don’t make the brownies for the potluck, I’ll probably make them for myself sometime soon!

  2. Shira

     /  June 29, 2012

    I just made an onion tart from the smitten kitchen website for a potluck-ish thing tonight (

    I’ll have to tell you how good it is (still cooling down), but it smells awesome. I left out the fennel because I’m not a fan. But it’s flour and onions mostly, so fairly cheap. I’d double the dough recipe for a crowd (but maybe less than double the onions). Also I had to add a bit more water to make the dough work. Still, the actual amount of time I had to do work was minimal.

    Otherwise I vote for zucchini bread, which I’ve never had but just sounds tasty right now.

  3. Oh, my gosh, so hard to choose from all your delicious options! I voted for the dip b/c it shouts party food! Have a marvelous time at your family reunion 🙂

    • Thanks Liz! The dip really does shout party food… but the desserts look delicious as well!

  4. I voted for the cookies because they look so cute and tasty!


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