My first tomatoes in the garden!

When I checked on my garden the other day, I noticed the first few tomatoes had started to grow! They’re tiny and far from being ready to eat… yet I’m very excited to know that I will get to have some homegrown tomatoes later this summer.

There are 6 yellow cherry tomatoes.

And 1 moonglow tomato

And lots of little yellow flowers on the plants, so I know I will have at least a few more tomatoes!

I was tending to the garden when I first got home and hadn’t gone inside yet. The cat heard me arrive home and was meowing at the window (I assume this is her way to asking me to come inside). Bryan opened the blinds, and the two of them watched as I tended to the plants. They’re very good company! Too cute!

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  1. Yay to your tomatees! May they grow juicy and yummy!
    I started growing tomatoes many years ago – on a window sill. Yes, I know, but at that time I was happy that anything I put in the soil would actually spring and have real leaves 🙂
    Now, together with hubs, we’re growing tomatoes on our balcony. It has been sunny and hot here (Vienna,Austria), so they’re turning red very quickly.
    We have four plants: two of the “regular” variety (big and red:), and one De Berao (oblong fruit), and one Black Krim (‘black’ heirloom tomato – my favorite).
    Anyway, good luck to you and your plants, and hope your crops witll be abundant 🙂
    Happy blogging,

    • Thanks Alekhsandra! Oh my, a black heirloom tomato plant sounds fabulous! Hope all of your plants do well also!

  2. Your tomato plants are growing bigger & getting more & more tomatoes. I have 2 red cherry tomato plants & my little green tomatoes are orange at the moment! Lovely pictures too! 🙂

    • Thanks Sophie! I’m finally starting to get more tomatoes but none of them are even beginning to ripen yet. I’m getting impatient! 🙂


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