Five Favourites for Friday

Check it out! Eva from Kitchen Inspirations tried out (and changed up) the homemade ginger ale recipe I posted a while backHer version of the ginger ale is amazing, check it out! (And maybe browse her blog a bit while you’re there. Eva has posted some fantastic recipes, I’ve been following her blog about 6 months now and love the food she posts.

Lately, I’ve preferred making meals that are simple with minimal clean-up. I like spending less time cleaning up after cooking (who doesn’t?). I like having all the flavours mixed together. Here are a few recipes I’ve come across this week that fit with that theme and will likely influence what I’m cooking over the next few weeks.

Southwest Chicken And Rice from Simple Farmstead Cooking

Moroccan Chicken and Orzo from Cheap, Healthy, Good

Mushroom-Almond Rice from The Indian Food Court

Masala Peas and Potatoes from The Footloose Chef

Ground Turkey & Quinoa Skillet Meal from Ginger Lemon Girl

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  1. Wow, thanks for the great shout out, much appreciated. Love the Moroccan Chicken, looks very tasty.

  2. All of these dishes look so appetizing! Yum Yum yum!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring the southwest chicken and rice and linking back to my blog. Very kind. Great blog you have – I’m enjoying looking around! 🙂

    • You’re very welcome! I enjoyed your southwest chicken and rice recipe very much!

  4. I’d much rather spend time making a fancy dessert a couple times a week than toiling over a fussy dinner recipe! Your suggestions look delicious…I will have to try the Southwest chicken first 🙂


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