Five Favourites for Friday

Happy Friday! If you’ve been reading my blog this week, you’ve probably already guessed which type of recipes I’m going to feature today…


We’re still making lots of burgers and I’m hoping to share more homemade burgers with you soon! I’ll probably share a few other recipes next week before returning to burgers.

Healthy Burger from Juicy Satsuma

Easy Crispy Shrimp Burger from Beauty and the Bump

Best Burger Ever from Saturday Mornings

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger from Let’s Talk Nutrition

Tandoori Chicken Burger from Baked Bree

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  1. I’m craving a burger now! (& fries!)

    • Mmmmm french fries! One of my favourites (and the reason I choose not to own a deep-fryer – I could eat french fries for every meal!)

  2. I love home made burgers! Thank you for so many ideas. I simply cannot take my eyes off the last one. I love both the bread and the burger and even the dressing (the photo is fabulous too).

    • You’re welcome Sissi! I really like the Tandoori Chicken Burger as well! I’m hoping to make that, or something similar, at some point this summer!

  3. All of those burgers look great, but that sweet potato burger really caught my eye. What a beautiful meal!

    • Thanks Kristen! Yes, the sweet potato burger look very interesting. I think I might even be able to get Bryan to try that one (despite it being vegetarian)!


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