Tomatoes Are Starting To Ripen!

It’s hard to believe how much my little garden has changed since I planted it in the late Spring. Sorting through the pictures, I’m amazed at how tall the tomato and basil plants are and how full the herbs have become.

This week, I got my first handful of ripe tomatoes. These always seem the best. Maybe it’s because there are never enough to use. Or maybe because I know I’ll have too many tomatoes soon enough. Eating them with almost every meal. Possibly giving a few away to my family.

For now, I’m excited to have tasted the first of the yellow cherry tomatoes. There were only four of them and they were quite small. However, they were juicy and just a bit sweet.

I even waited until the evening to pick and enjoy the tomatoes so I could share them with Bryan (I may have briefly considered keeping them all to myself).

(My apologies for the blurry photos – pictures were taken with my cell phone.)

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  1. How lovely, I made the grave error of putting off planting my tomatoes early in the season (even though it was hot enough, I was still afraid of frost) and alas I am too late now. But nature had pity on me and apparently one of my tomato plants survived our mild winter and has grown to about 60cm tall and has already 3-4 small fruit on it. Not sure which kind it is, but at least we shall have a few small samples of home grown tomatoes this year.

    • Thanks Eva! I didn’t realize a tomato plant could survive winter! Hope you get a few more tomatoes later this summer.

      • Thanks Amber, I don’t believe they can normally, but we had such an incredibly mild winter that there was one little determined and hearty root. I am glad though, otherwise I wouldn’t have any home grown tomatoes this year.

  2. A lovely produce! I had 45 red cherry tomatoes from my 2 plants this morning! happy snacking!


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