No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

This week I’m participating in the Crazy Cooking Challenge hosted by Mom’s Crazy Cooking!  This is my first time participating in the challenge and the challenge item happens to be one of my all-time favourite desserts: Cheesecake!

Yes, I have a slight lactose-sensitivity and tend to stay away from ingredients such as cream, milk, cream cheese, sour cream… but I just can’t pass up the opportunity to have a slice of cheesecake. I’ve tried and enjoy vegan cheesecakes, such as the Raw Vegan Summertime Strawberry Cheezecake. However, Bryan isn’t a huge fan of these nut-based desserts… and sometimes I just enjoy a more traditional cheesecake. So I decided to make a dessert we’d both enjoy.

The cheesecake I made is an adaptation of a family recipe. My cousin’s recipe actually. She makes it when the family gets together on holidays. She’s made it with all sorts of fruit toppings, but cherry is by far my favourite, so I decided to experiment with that. I added a few sour cherries and some almond and vanilla extracts. I also reduced the amount of dessert whip for a more dense cake.

What’s your favourite cheesecake flavour?

No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

Adapted from my cousin’s recipe


Bottom layer

  • 2 and 1/2 cups honey wafer crumbs – approximate cost $2.75
  • 1/2 cup salted butter, melted – approximate cost $1.00

Middle layer

  • 1 container of dessert whip, thawed – approximate cost $2.50
  • 2 packages of plain cream cheese, softened – approximate cost $5.00
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract – approximate cost $0.30
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract – approximate cost $0.30

Top layer

  • 1 can of cherry pie filling – approximate cost $1.25
  • 1 jar sour cherries, pitted – approximate cost $2.50


  1. Prepare the bottom layer.
    1. Combine 2 and 1/2 cups honey wafer crumbs and 1/2 cup melted butter.
    2. Mix well.
    3. Press the crumb mixture into a 9×13 baking dish.
  2. Prepare the middle layer
    1. Use a beater to whip 2 packages of softened plain cream cheese until smooth.
    2. Add the dessert whip.
    3. Mix until well combined.
    4. Pour over crumb mixture.
    5. Spread cream cheese filling into an even layer.
    6. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
  3. Prepare the top layer.
    1. In a bowl, combine the cherry pie filling and sour cherries.
    2. Pour over cream cheese filling.
  4. Serve immediately or chill until ready to serve.

Makes 12 servings (approximate cost: $1.30 per serving).

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  1. Cherry cheesecake is one of my very favorites! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

    Stopping by from CCC #18 – I pinned, tweeted, stumbled, and FB’d your cheesecake 🙂


    • Wow, thank you very much Sarah! I’m very glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check out your cheesecake as well!

  2. What a great cheesecake! I love no bake – it’s so great when the weather is hot! I’d love for you to stop by – I’m #9 in the challenge. 🙂

    • Thank you very much Jamie! I’m very glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check out your cheesecake as well!

  3. No-bake is the way to go! Your cheesecake looks delicious! Great CCC pick! I’m #16 🙂

    • Thank you very much Melissa! I’m very glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check out your cheesecake as well!

  4. Waw! What a truly appetizing & tasty looking no bake cheesecake! i also love the mixed topping! Yummm! This creams: EAT ME RIGHT NOW!

    • Thanks Sophie! It’s pretty good… I may have had a piece for breakfast today! 🙂

  5. juanitascocina

     /  August 7, 2012

    Yay! I’m in for anything no-bake…it’s a million degrees in Texas! Yummy! #55

    • Thanks Juanita! Yes, that was definitely a factor in choosing a no-bake cheesecake for the challenge. It’s pretty warm here in Ontario as well!

  6. Eva Taylor

     /  August 7, 2012

    I’m usually a baked cheesecake type of person but this recipe makes a lot of sense on these hot summer days.

    • Thanks Eva! I prefer no-bake cheesecakes. Probably because it’s what I’m used to. Baked cheesecake is generally a “restaurant only” food. Homemade has always been no-bake cheesecakes in my family.

  7. Delicious! Cherry cheesecake is one of my favourites. Maybe it is my favourite.
    Jen #73

  8. An oldie but a goodie! I love cherries on my cheesecake.
    Ashley #40

    • Thanks Ashley! Cherries and cheesecake are just one of those things that goes together, like salt and pepper.

  9. OH man does that look good I’m going to have to agree with you cherry is also my favorite cheesecake topping! Happy Treats!

  10. Looks Delish! Thanks for participating. I will be starting up a NEW challenge next month, stay tuned!

    • Thank for hosting the Crazy Cooking Challenge Tina! It was a lot of fun!

      Can’t wait to see your plans for the next challenge!

  11. Janelle King

     /  August 8, 2012

    Love any dessert that you do not have to bake. The cherries are awesome. CCC#8

    • Thanks Janelle! I appreciate no-bake desserts very much in the summer months as well!

  12. Mmmmm…this reminds me of my childhood…probably the first cheesecake I ever tasted! SO yummy!

    • Thanks Liz! No-bake cheesecakes were served at all occasions when I was a child. They’re a favourite in my family!

  13. I love cherry cheesecake! This one looks sooo yummy!

  14. Oh my!!! it looks so delicious! just thinking about all the layers just make me drool 🙂 yumm!

  15. This looks lovely – great photography too!

    • Thanks Caroline! I was actually unhappy with the photos, so I’m glad that you like them! I think the blue plate is too dark and it’s hard to see the layers in the slice of cheesecake… but these are the only plates we own, so I tried my best to make it work!

  16. Amber, this looks delicious! I love cherries! I’m pinning this recipe!

  17. No bake is so perfect this time of year and I love the addition of almond extract, great flavors.

    If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to check out my CCC entry: #6 Mini Cheesecake Bites.

    Cook Lisa Cook

    • Thanks Lisa! I decided to add the almond extract after participating in Kristen’s Improv Challenge. June’s challenge was cherries and almonds, which was a fantastic combination, so I changed things up a bit so I could include the almond.

  18. Your cheesecake looks INCREDIBLE! Cherries are my fave!!

    Stopping by from #64 – Individual Biscoff Cheesecakes

  19. I’m really having a hard time picking a favorite from all of these recipes! This looks soooo delicious! Thanks for stopping by (I’m #34).

  20. Yum for no bake cherry cheesecake! The addition of almond is an awesome twist!!!

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