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Last week I picked a large amount of basil to make Uncooked Tomato Sauce. It was amazing. The freshly-picked basil flavour was stong and flavourful. I served it with whole grain spaghettini and shrimp. I was pleasantly surprised that Bryan also enjoyed the whole-grain noodles, he usually prefers regular pasta. We both enjoyed leftovers for lunch the next day.

This week, more tomatoes ripened! There were quite a few yellow cherry tomatoes and the first moonglow tomato ripened. It was a beautiful shade of red with tiger-like stripes. Lots of flavour. I sliced the tomatoes and made a salad for two. Can’t wait to enjoy a few more!

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  1. Eva Taylor

     /  August 9, 2012

    I really wish I had been on the ball and planted more tomatoes. Love the striped one!

    • Thanks Eva! We really enjoyed that one – it was a bit more tart than the yellow cherry tomatoes!

  2. There is NOTHING like a fresh tomato from the garden. I have two little tomato plants that have weathered two tropical storms this year. We named them Sally and Dan. My little 5 year old names everything. She wouldn’t eat a tomato to save herself, but she was thrilled with the four tomatoes we have harvested so far.

    • Agreed! We are thoroughly enjoying our tomato plants, though they remain unnamed. Too bad the little one dislikes tomatoes, hopefully she will acquire a taste for them when she’s a bit older.


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