Beach Day and Dinner at the Erie Beach Hotel

With all of my assignments and such handed in for the term, I decided it was about time I get outdoors and enjoy summer! Or at least what’s left of it. I loved my day-trip to Grand Bend and wanted at least one more day at the beach before fall arrives. So I called up my classmate Kas and we hopped in a car for a day trip to the beach.

This time, I set out for Lake Erie (where I had spent every weekend during the summer months as a child). The day was gorgeous and perfect for some sight-seeing and relaxing at the beach.

First stop was Booth’s Harbour, where I showed Kas around and shared many childhood memories. I hadn’t thought to bring my camera, but stopped to take a quick picture with my cell phone.


This was my usual fishing spot and you can see the treeline for my favourite beach on the horizon.

Next stop was Port Rowan, where we loaded up on sun screen and ice cream. We stopped by Twin’s Ice Cream Parlour one of my two favourite ice cream shops in the area. I chatted with the staff a bit, we each ordered a soft ice cream in a waffle cone, then headed out again. Next time, I need to remember to visit during strawberry season, when the shop (who also owns a local strawberry patch) serves strawberry sundaes with their locally grown (pesticide-free) strawberries. Yum!

Next up, Long Point Beach for some swimming, sunshine, and snacking. We thought it was surprisingly busy for a weekday, but still very quiet and relaxing.

After an afternoon of fun, we decided to have dinner before setting off for home and set out for Port Dover. There, we stopped in at the Erie Beach Hotel in Port Dover. This restaurant is one of my family’s favourites in the area. They have fresh Lake Erie fish on their menu as well as an assortment of other fish and seafood.

Of course, the attraction is the locally caught fish. So we both ordered the Pickerel and Chips dinner (which comes with a side of celery bread).

The restaurant has a notice that everything is made fresh to order and to please be patient, especially on days when the restaurant is especially busy. Yet, we found there was very little wait time.

Despite having a lovely picnic lunch at the beach, I was hungry by dinner and accidentally took a few bites before remembering that I should take a picture of the lovely dinner.

The food was delicious. The portion size was just right (though probably too much on a normal day). The service was quick and friendly. The price was fair. I left happy and full.

We took a short walk down to the beach after dinner. The Port Dover beach is smaller than Long Point Beach. However, there’s more things to do in Port Dover with lots of beach shops and cruises available.

We got to the beach just in time to watch the sun set, then headed back home after a fantastic day (and no sun burns!)



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  1. Eva Taylor

     /  August 31, 2012

    What a nice way to spend a day Amber. Check out my first guest post at

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures of Lake Erie. I was born in Ohio and my parents tell me about our trips to lake Erie, but I was too young to remember; so it’s nice to see what I missed. 🙂

    • Thanks MJ! Keep in mind this is the Canadian side of Lake Erie. The US side might look completely different! However, it is a gorgeous lake. Hope you get to visit it some day!

  3. A lovely day, I say! Lovely food, the sea & happiness! 🙂 Have a fun weekend!

  4. I heard a lot about Erie Beach hotel. i think it is great


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