Introducing Rebel, the Austrian Shepherd!

While my family’s dogs have their own page on this blog, and I talk about them often, I realized I hadn’t officially introduced them.

I’ll start with Rebel, because he’s the oldest.

I asked Rebel if he would like to go for a walk...

I asked Rebel if he would like to go for a walk…

Rebel is a 4 year old Austrian Shepherd. He’s fiercely independent and very intelligent (And very sweet, but don’t let him know I told you). He loves being active. When I visit, he knows there will be a walk at some point. He’s very patient waiting for his walk, at least until dinner is over. Then he knows it’s walk time (and sometimes whines if I’m not ready to go out walking right away). When we’re not walking, Rebel enjoys playing frisbee and swimming.

Rebel retrieving a frisbee

Rebel retrieving a frisbee

Rebel is a picky eater. He prefers meats and dislikes most vegetables. However, he’ll eat his vegetables if he thinks you might give them to Rascal.

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  1. Rebel has such pretty eyes!

    • Thanks! He is very pretty. I took him for a short car ride over the weekend (Dad fixed the car, I took Rebel on the test drive with me) and when we got to the corner of the street, two children on the sidewalk told me he was very pretty and that they wanted to pet him. While Rebel would have loved this (and normally I would say yes), I didn’t want to encourage them to hang out on the road.

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  3. mjskit

     /  September 12, 2012

    What a cute family member! Bet he is dedicated as most dogs are! 🙂

    • Thanks MJ! He is a very dedicated dog who loves his family very much. Even though I’m only home on weekends, he always greets me with whimpers of excitement and kisses. 🙂

  4. Rebel is one cool doggie!

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