Introducing Rascal, the Yellow Lab and White Shepherd Mix!

Last week, I introduced Rebel. This week I’m introducing Rascal, the youngest of my family’s dogs.

Rascal playing keep-away

Rascal playing keep-away

Rascal is, in many ways, Rebel’s opposite. Obviously, Rascal has a light coloured fur and Rebel has dark fur. While Rebel is independent, Rascal is social and snuggly. And he’s quite lazy in comparison to Rebel. When I visit home, Rascal is the first to try to sit in my lap and be pet. He’ll play with me and go for walks, but is tired afterwards and happy to rest.

While Rebel is still playing fetch, Rascal will sit beside me and watch.

Rascal is tired, time to relax!

Rascal is tired, time to relax!

Rascal appreciates all food. Well, sort of. He eats so fast we’re not sure he actually tastes many of his treats. He’ll try anything you put in front of him and will attempt to eat it, even if it’s something he dislikes. He’s not fond of citrus flavours, especially limes and lime-flavoured jello.

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  1. Rascal has the sweetest face!

  2. What a sweetheart! He’s going to provide lots of love!


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