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Self portrait (trying out a friend's camera)

Self portrait (trying out a friend’s camera)


My name is Amber. I am the primary writer on this blog, though I welcome contributions from friends and readers! I’m a full-time student based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Through this blog, I hope to get involved in the food blogging community and have a few guest writer’s at some point or another. Feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute (or just because)!

You can connect with me in a number of ways:

My interests include food, cooking, reading (cookbooks and much other literature), writing, social media, blogging, photography, gaming, and yoga. While these interests keep me fairly busy, I am also a full time student and love to spend time with friends as well as my pets (the dogs live with dad, so I visit as often as possible).

7 random facts about me

  1. When I started blogging in June 2011 (not that long ago), I was very nervous about over-sharing about my personal life. But, after reading blogs and some advice fromJeanette at This Dusty House, I slowly began to open up, share more, and in return (I think) made my blog posts a bit more interesting.
  2. I prefer to stay busy. Aside from being a full time student, I practice Ashtanga Yoga, maintain this blog, and enjoy spending any remaining free time with family and friends.
  3. I started working towards a PhD in English this month. I study rhetoric and video games (which is just as awesome as it sounds) and have strong interest in education.
  4. While I always love the comforts of food that reminds me of home and my childhood, my every day food preferences are very different from what I would eat growing up.
  5. I feel like food blogging has turned me into a bit of a food snob, even though my intention is to share relatively healthy foods that are affordable.
  6. I don’t drink coffee. I used to, but one day a little over a year ago, I decided I didn’t like the taste or smell of it anymore. It was a very sudden change. Instead, I enjoy a cup of tea each morning (usually Moroccan Mint).
  7. I love dogs (and most other pets).
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