The Unofficial Taste Testers

Otherwise known as the pets. Understandably, they don’t get to try everything. But sometimes they are spoiled with a few treats after dinner. Loki lives with me and Bryan. The dogs live with Dad.


Loki (4 year old long-haired cat)

Loki (long-haired cat)

Loki thinks she is the official taste tester. She often thinks we cook just for her and that all food belongs to her. She’s often disappointed when we don’t share. Though, every so often, one of us will sneak her a plain piece of chicken from the dinner table (her favourite thing!)

Read more about Miss Loki…


Rebel (4 year old Austrian shepherd)

Rebel (Austrian shepherd mix)

Rebel is a picky eater. He prefers meats and dislikes most vegetables. However, he’ll eat his vegetables if he thinks you might give them to someone else.


Rascal (1 year old yellow lab and white German shepherd cross)

Rascal (Yellow lab and white German shepherd mix)

Rascal appreciates all food. He’ll try anything you put in front of him and will attempt to eat it, even if it’s something he dislikes. He’s not fond of citrus flavours, especially limes and lime-flavoured jello.

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