Day 30: Kitchen gadget

I thought it was a gimmicky item until I saw a friend use it to quickly dice some vegetables. So, I picked one up for myself. It’s great for quickly preparing items for a stir-fry or pasta sauce. It doesn’t do well trying to chop tomatoes, it more bludgeons them into mush. Works great for firm vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, or mushrooms.

Do you own a slap-chop (or another brad of this product)? Do you use it often? Has it been a good addition to your kitchen?

Day 28: Mug

I got this mug from a friend in high school. I think it was a Christmas present, or maybe a Birthday present. I’ve had it at least 10 years. I’ve used it almost once a day since I got it for tea and hot chocolate. It holds just the right amount of tea and has seen too much love for all the stains to be removed. S, not sure if you read this blog, but if you do, thank you again for the mug! I still love it!

Day 26: Spices

I had trouble choosing just one favourite. Here are a selection of dried spices from my cupboard:

Top row: paprika, Adobo all purpose seasoning, seasoned salt, sage leaves, rosemary leaves, Italian seasoning

Bottom row: white pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, thyme, red chilis, chives

Day 23: Fridge

The cat is very nosy. She likes to check out what’s in the fridge when it’s wide-open. Or maybe she’s cooling off a bit after the unusually warm weather?

Day 19: Pots and pans

Day 18: Favourite food

This was a tough decision. I was torn between chicken tacos and pasta with an uncooked tomato sauce. I love the chicken taco recipe, so does Bryan, and my family likes it too! I haven’t shared the uncooked tomato sauce in the same way. It has A LOT of garlic, so I know my family wouldn’t enjoy it. I have shared it with my best friend though, and she loved it too!

The uncooked tomato sauce is my favourite because there are many ways to enjoy it: with spaghetti, raw zucchini “noodles”, prosciutto, bacon, and so on!

Day 15: In my freezer

What’s in my freezer? Meat, bread/buns, vegetables.

Day 13: Silverware

Day 11: Can’t live without

I almost forgot this the March FOOD Photos challenge when coming up with today’s photo. I wanted to post one of my family, Bryan, close friends, and my pets (Ok, so that would be at least 4 photos). When it comes to cooking, I can’t live without… my super awesome chef’s knife and sharpener.

Bryan bought me the knife for an occasion a while back (Thank you Bryan!!). I got to pick it out. This knife helps prepare almost every meal.

Day 10: Most used appliance

I had trouble deciding which appliance in my kitchen is the most used. Admittedly, it’s got to be the fridge. I’ve never turned it off and it’s always full of delicious food. However, fridge photos are coming up later this month and I didn’t want a duplicate photo. So I decided I would post the most used counter-top appliance in my kitchen. It was a close call between the blender and the toaster oven. The blender makes my breakfast smoothies. The toaster over reheats leftovers and prepares smaller meals.

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