My first tomatoes in the garden!

When I checked on my garden the other day, I noticed the first few tomatoes had started to grow! They’re tiny and far from being ready to eat… yet I’m very excited to know that I will get to have some homegrown tomatoes later this summer.

There are 6 yellow cherry tomatoes.

And 1 moonglow tomato

And lots of little yellow flowers on the plants, so I know I will have at least a few more tomatoes!

I was tending to the garden when I first got home and hadn’t gone inside yet. The cat heard me arrive home and was meowing at the window (I assume this is her way to asking me to come inside). Bryan opened the blinds, and the two of them watched as I tended to the plants. They’re very good company! Too cute!

Garden Update

Happy 4th of July to all my American family, friends and readers!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions on making sure my garden is successful this year! Look at how well the plants are growing this year!

The herbs look healthier and are much bigger!

The tomato plants are taller and starting to sprout buds!

Look at my garden grow!

This year I’m not starting a garden. It’s too much work weeding and preparing to plant. It’s a lot to maintain it. Last year’s garden didn’t grow so well (neither did the neighbour’s), all of the herbs died within the first month and I only got two tomatoes from four tomato plants. Or at least, that’s what I kept telling myself.

But, when my Aunt was in town the other week, she brought tomato plants with her. I couldn’t say no.

This year, I’m taking a different approach to gardening. I bought planters and fresh soil, then placed them in the garden. Each tomato plant (Yellow Cherry and Moonglow) and the basil have their own planter. The other herbs (rosemary, mint, cilantro, and chives) are two in each planter. The plants look healthier than last year already.

My brother is growing a Pink Ponderosa tomato plant. This is one of the ones that didn’t work out for me last year.

My herbs are still growing. The tomatoes haven’t blossomed yet. They’ll grow… I hope.

Any tips for a successful garden?

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